The school is situated in the beautiful port city of Visakhapatnam at Lawson’s Bay Andhra Pradesh. Being in the cyber state we offer you the most modem system using Computer Aided Learning. To ensure that your child gets maximum attention, we believe in classroom with limited number of students in pollution free area and air conditioned classrooms.

“Pursuit of excellence, is our motto”

The philosophy of the school proclaims itself in the belief of the “Late Shri. Jeeri Ramanna Reddy Educational Society “. The emblem is a symbol of the indomitable power and humility that knowledge imparts. The school has a strong belief that knowledge alone brings with it light, harmony, humility and peace. Every effort is made at Sri Krishna to impart an education that will inculcate in the new generation of nation builders the humility to rise above their individual needs, serve mankind and become success driven achievers.

Our Students come from internationally minded families who for reasons of culture or residence have an affinity towards India. Young people need to be excited about the world they live in. It is complex and sometimes confusing place but the fundamental aim of a good education is that the students are given an opportunity to make sense of world and their place in it. This involves building up more than a body of knowledge; students need to have the skills and attitude to be successful life-long learners.


To create a path breaking educational institution that keeps pace with the rapid strides being made in the field of knowledge.

That provides perceptive teaching that awakens the creative and leadership skills dormant in every individuals.

That provides ample opportunities for every student to excel in a whole range of extra-curricular-activities, including sports.


To create a school that puts the joy back into learning.

To launch an educational initiative that will groom a new generation of students to become leaders of tomorrow.

To make the school a global centre of excellence.

To expand the scope and reach of the institution upgrading it over the next few years. So that it offers education from kindergarten right up to post graduation & professional courses as well. It is proposed to get the school affiliated to IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondry Education), Cambridge University, England.


Multi-Colored kindergarten section provides extra ordinary facilities ranging from mini-playground an attractive play-pen, an inspiring art room, a music room, well stocked library, fascinating multi-media and spacious classrooms. The future of our country will be shaped and molded here. Sri Krishna Internationa School, aims in producing students to inculcate Indian culture and expertise in special directions. It is said - “SEEDS” are sown here for the glory of posterity.

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